Triumph Bonneville
August 2015

Exotic yet Exquisite… It’s KIWI. Can you think of a more Exotic, yet Exquisite, Fruit?

Velvet perverse fur on the outside, an indecipherable gloss lays in frosted coat. It’s an enigma.

Sweet to ride, yet some acidic taste may lay beneath, ‘cause sweet perfection may be boring (and also a myth). Anyway, this bike is not just called after the Vegetable. Kiwi, once called Maori, is also a bird… an oriental ancestral land bird, with an indigenous soul. This bike is all that… and more: a juicy land bird! You can reach the sky with it, without getting out of floor. You may taste de sweet amongst the acidic. You can have all at once, you just have to ride it with passion and flavour!


Technically speaking we’ve used a Triumph Bonneville, carbs version as a donor bike. We’ve made changes in the rear subframe to accommodate the new seat and rear mudguard. Smaller headlight, taillight, indicators and a new speedo were fitted.

We’ve fitted classic tires, designed and built new mudguards, subframe, sprocket cover and several different mountings for many parts. We’ve built a new leather seat with very special leathers from the shoes industry and supplied by “Nobrand” (Portuguese shoes brand and excelente quality shoes maker). Fitted new handlebar and handlebar grips. We’ve built new exhaust pipes, inspired in the “future scene” of the 50’s and they’re plug & play into stock Bonnevilles. They’re available for sale at Ton-up Garage store and soon in our webshop (preview to be open in Setpembter 2015). We’ve also fitted exhaust wraps. Painted the engine and wheels in black, frame in a golden tone, mudguards, engine casings and TUG sprocket cover in brown. The fuel tank was painted mixing green, brown, black and gold.