Honda FMX 650
July 2015

Muxima was built on a Honda 650, it’s the name of a village in Angola and it means “heart” in Kimbundu. 

The colors were chosen inspired by the nature surrounding those roads. They’re mainly dirt roads surrounded by an imense vegetation meaning that you’ll get an off-road riding experience.

Technically we’ve rebuilt a completely new sub-frame, that accommodates our seat, rear footpegs, a small rear light and number plate. Beneath the seat inserted in the sub-frame we’ve build an electric box to fit inside all the electric components and battery. Electric wiring was redone and simplified. A new gas tank was adapted to fit on this bike. We’ve built new exhausts, a new intake line, fitting a KN air filter in the end and new front mudguard. The suspensions were lowered a bit. We’ve fitted a new front headlight, new speedo, new handlebar, grips and tires. We’ve painted the fuel tank, air filter, engine and other frame parts.